The ‘one million signatures’ campaign on Kashmir launched in Holland

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Hague, Feb 19(APP): The ‘One Million signatures Campaign’ on Kashmir issue is reached in Holland. The launching ceremony held in front of International Court of Justice in The Hague, the renowned city of Holland on Saturday, Feb 19. A large number of the people took interest and signed the documents in the context. Kashmir Council EU had started the widespread awareness campaign from Brussels last year. So far, a large number of European people signed the documents to Stop the Human Rights violations in Kashmir .

The aim of this campaign is to collect a million signatures in Europe to highlight the Kashmir issue in EU and to stop the daily human rights abuses, perpetrated by the Indian forces. The million signatures collection will be presented to the ‘European Parliament. In The Hague, Kashmir Centre Holland’s Executive Director, Dr.Zeb Khan, Marjan Locas of IKV Pax Christi (IPC) and other NGOs and human rights activists and Organisations also cooperated with Kashmir Council EU for opening the campaign in the country. For the first time the campaign of this scale was launched in order to get support and solidarity for the people of Kashmir from the Europeans.

The Chairman of ‘Kashmir Council EU,’ Mr.Ali Raza Syed who is also the Head of ‘International Council for Human Development’ (ICHD) said that ‘there should be zero tolerance for human rights violations in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) and for this, demilitarization of the region is essential.’ According to him, the aim of opening campaign in front of the International Court of Justice was to seek attention of the court towards the widspread human rights violations in IHK.

‘If the war criminals from Rawanda,Bosnia, Serbia, can be brought to the international court, why not Indian forces involved in the HR violation in IHK, could be brought to justice ,” he urged. This campaign will continue to other major European countries by making alliances with the local organisations, after Belgium and Holland. It will also travel Germany, France , Spain, Italy , Greece, Poland, & UK as well. APP/ Mansoor Alam/ Zaheer