WKDA Message on Eve of Eid-ul-Fitr

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August 19, 2012 . The Chairman of World Kashmir Diaspora Alliance, Farooq Papa felicitated the people of Kashmir on Eid.On the eve of Eid in a message he said that World Kashmir Diaspora Alliance will continue to create awareness about the responsibilities of the civil societies around the world in order to influence the policies of Indian  political, religious, civil, economic or academic directly or indirectly related to Kashmir. It will unrelentingly pursue Indian policy makers to realize that the nations can not be kept under occupation with physical force for long. It will pursue with world community to make India answerable  for the  state policy where abuse of human rights of Kashmiri people continues with impunity.

The Alliance will continue to  promote favorable public policy amongst, political parties in western and Islamic countries, human rights groups, international organizations and intelligentsia who aid in reshaping the public policy  of their respective governments.

Farooq papa said that World Kashmir Diaspora Alliance will work towards inviting Pro Kashmiri separatist and  Kashmiri speaking main stream leadershipincluding chairman of Jihad Council and Huriet Conference living in exile in Islamabad  for in depth Pro Kashmiri Conference in Niagara Falls, subject to Canadian Governments approval in the coming year. We will offer our  assistance to India, Pakistan and the world community through sharing of ideas and meetings in order to reach an amicable, dignified and peaceful solution for the people of Kashmir and to the Kashmir conflict.