WKDA Statement on Hanging of Afzal Guru

World Kashmir Diaspora Alliance in a statement issued for press has stated that Farooq Papa, who heads the Kashmiri Diaspora has termed the hanging of Afzal Guru in Tihar Jail by Indian authorities as politically motivated and ethically corrupted decision rather than due process of essence of law and human dignity. This is a replication of India’s malicious attitude towards Kashmiri people which is reflected time and time again.

Afzal Guru’s execution is based on the vengeance of recently Indian beheaded soldier’s death on LOC and bears the same hallmark that of execution of Maqbool Bhat in 1984 which was carried out in a similar fashion as a result of vengeance of its diplomat’s death in London.

Justice system in democracies must not function on whims of vengeance and cheap politics of vote banks when human right and human dignity is at stake; said Farooq Papa.

The resolve of people of Kashmir to achieve their freedom is not so weak that it will break by terrifying the people through imposition of horror and shock as has fallen today on people of Kashmir, Farooq Papa added.