From Harsha Empire to Present day Kashmir has never been Integral Part of India

World Kashmiri Diaspora Alliance (WKDA) has rejected the assertion of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that Kashmir is an integral part of India.  WKDA, in a statement issued in Toronto, London and Brussels simultaneously stated that Manmohan Singh’s assertion reflects either his obliviousness about Kashmir or a wilful distortion of historic, legal and political status of Kashmir.

Prime Minister and India`s Foreign office must improve with geo-political history of India from Harsha Empire to present which will satisfy them that Kashmir was never a part of India”, Statement quoted Farooq Papa who heads WKDA while adding that Prime minister of India should inform himself with the international legalities attached with dispute of Kashmir before issuing deceitful statements.

In Brussels WKDA executive member Ali Reza Syed who also heads Kashmir Council EU termed Prime minister of India`s statement as unlegislated act of aggression against aspiration of Kashmir`s 13 million people. He said that to discount the continuous mass political uprising against India in last 65 years of Kashmir’s occupation is absurd on the part of Indian Prime Minister.

In London Ms. Sadia Mir challenged Indian prime minister to produce any legal document that will back his statement while reminded him that Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had accepted the disputed status when he reiterated his position in a letter to the British Prime Minister on October 25, 1947.

The WKDA statement further quoted Farooq Papa saying, that it is unfortunate that Prime Minister of Pakistan has shown no concerns to his counterpart in India about the human right abuses perpetuated on Kashmiri people. It is appalling to note that Pakistan is agreeing to monitor of Cease Fire Line on bilateral basis through Directors General of Military Operations while there is a standing United Nations Military Observers Group( UNMOG ) explicitly dedicated by international community for the purpose of monitoring ceasefire line which should have been asked to be reinforced for such tasks .