The West Lacks Understanding


Except from article profiling Laura Schuurmans:

Laura believes that the West should shift its attention to Indonesia, as she considers the country to be the best example of how democracy and Islam can stand side by side. She also believes that Indonesian women should advocate their religious rights across the globe, in order to redress Western misconceptions of Muslim women.

“One should realise that oppression of women is not a religious thing; it is cultural. Women oppressed in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, who can neither go out of their house nor drive a car, is something from the patriarchal culture. If it has anything to do with religion, I believe it is being misinterpreted and used to fulfill one’s particular interests,” she says.

In a nutshell, she believes that the West has shaped its perspectives about Islam by generalising particular incidents and not noticing the diversity of Islam, as offered by Muslims outside the Arab-speaking region.