WKDA Appreciates European Parliament for its Support to Kashmir-EU Week

Source – Srinagar, Nov 22 (KNS): World Kashmiri Diaspora Alliance Chairman Farooq Papa has expressed his appreciation for European Parliament members especially Vice President of the European parliament His Excellency Edward McMillan Mr. Sajaad Karim and Ms. Jean Lambert in supporting the successful Kashmir EU week in European Parliament.

In a statement issued in Toronto on his arrival from Brussels, the WKDA Chairman said that we are pleased with the deliberation and interactions with various members of the parliament who were appreciative of our pro Kashmir initiatives for building peace and resolving the Kashmir issue.

Farooq papa said that he discussed the proposed two phased All Peoples Kashmir Convention to be held in Brussels (Europe) and Niagara Falls (North America) with the PAK President and will also send the proposal to all political leaders in the state to debate and find solutions to those issues that are faced by Kashmiri people due to prolonged non resolution of final settlement.

The statement added that the people of Kashmir especially the business community in and outside Kashmir will have to play a leading role in supporting this indigenous initiative to facilitate the success of Niagara Convention. The statement added that about 200 hundred people from Indian controlled Kashmir and about as many as from PAK comprising of political leaders of all thoughts and inclinations, technocrats, business people, academicians, legal expert along with sociologists and journalists are on the list of participants who will have the chance to put forth there point of view for debate in the Convention. We intend to invite US congressmen and Members of European Parliament as observers for the convention.

This is the first step towards building peace in South Asia as peace in South Asia is dependent on the resolution of Kashmir; Statement added. (KNS)